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Arc Businesses

Arc of Steuben businesses serve two critical functions, uniting two very different groups of people:

  • People with developmental disabilities, seeking to create fulfilling lives where they contribute to their community.
  • Businesses and clients who need top-line services delivered with commitment and efficiency.

We offer six business services – and even a career-matching service, to pair a talented worker with a good employer:

Arc of Steuben has worked with area businesses to create many career opportunities for people with disabilities. Our programs help employers meet diversity workforce requirements.

Our job coaches provide specialized on-site training, accompany the employee to the job to help the worker learn tasks or make suggestions to the employer about effective adaptations. You have a need. We have a solution.


Printers Plus – “Big or Small, We Print it ALL”

Services:  Embroidery, Screen Printing, all garment and hats

Contact:  Don Evia
Phone: 607-622-2104

Star Enterprise – “Got a chore that’s big in size, don’t worry, call Star Enterprise”

Services – All Custodial Services, On-site Assembly, Yard Work, and More

Contact:  Michelle Schlesing
Phone: 607-622-1845

The Arc Way Café – “Fresh, Fast & Tasty”

Hours:       M – F   8:00 am – 1:00 pm


      • Breakfast:  Eggs, muffins, bagels, sandwiches
      • Lunch:        Soups, Salads, Wraps, Pizza, Grilled Sandwiches
      • Catering:    Luncheon Meetings

Contact:  Erica Spears
Phone: 607-776-4146  Ext. 2132

Industrial Solutions – “The Solution to YOUR light assembly needs”

Services:  Packaging & light assembly

Contact:  John Houck
Phone: 607-622-1869

Operations Team

John Houck
Director of Business Operations

Pam Failing
Manager of Production

Michelle Schlesing
Manager of Star Enterprise & Cafe

Don Evia
Manager of Sales