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Arc of Steuben’s Community Inclusion Success Award Winner Scott Detzler Improves the Local Community through a Fast-Paced Lifestyle of Volunteering and Collaboration

Scott-new.jpgScott Detzler, of Bath, dreams of creating and selling his woodworking projects. With the support of a friend, community members, and associates at the Arc of Steuben: Detzler is making his dream come true.

Residence Coordinator Bona Elliot nominated Detzler for the Community Inclusion Success Award because of his determination. “I have the ability to do whatever I want. I was shocked to win the award because it was a big surprise to me. I still can’t believe it,” says Detzler. In much of what he does, there is a focus on continually impacting the community—no matter the project.

Detzler, who lives at the Arc of Steuben’s Geneva Street home, began making raised flower boxes last year with help from associates. Just a few months later, he has developed a pattern and is making them independently. Detzler has sold four flower boxes this year and continues to think of new projects. “Whatever people want me to build, I can do it. I talked to my dad about my idea to start building things and he said I could do it. He said I could build whatever I want. I believe that I can,” says Detzler.

As the Sargent at Arms for a self-advocacy group, the Incredible Angels, Detzler plays a key role in the self-advocacy group’s decision making. The group often focuses on giving back to the community and creating events that are inclusive to both people living in the residential program and in the community. “We’re getting quite a bit of people to come to the meetings,” explained Detzler.

For the past two years, Detzler has volunteered at the Central Steuben Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Christmas event along with Incredible Angels’ President David Gardner. Representing the Chamber, Detzler and Gardner handed out free popcorn and hot chocolate to the public. “I like volunteering (at the Spirit of Christmas). Everyone was happy that we were there to hand out free food. I want to do it again this year,” says Detzler.

In May, Detzler joined the Twin Rivers Sports Club to be more involved with the community and to begin a healthier lifestyle. Detzler explained that he loves participating because he’s more active. He competes in three athletic events including the shot put and the fast walk. This past July, Detzler won first place in two events and he will continue to compete throughout the summer.

Twice a week, Detzler works at the Campbell Building Company unloading trucks; assisting customers; and restocking shelves. Additionally, Detzler drives the forklift, which requires a license. “I got my forklift license a few years ago. I like to keep busy and try new things but I also like having alone time,” Detzler says.

Frequently, Detzler and his friend Rodney Hill collaborate on home improvement projects. Scott says that it’s a team effort to make the projects successful. Hill, who also happens to be Detzler’s neighbor, says that it’s fun to brainstorm new ideas and work together on projects. “(Scott) and I will talk about an idea, something that I want to make. And he’ll tell me if we can do it. We always find a way to make it happen,” says Hill.

Previously, Detzler has built ghosts for Halloween; a turkey for Thanksgiving; and two faux fireplaces for Christmastime. “In the future, I want to work on more woodworking projects. I’m always thinking of new projects. I want to stay busy, save money, and continue to do whatever I want,” Detzler said.

When asked what advice he would offer to other people wanting to start their own projects Detzler said, “I would tell other people that it’s important to take their time to get things done right the first time. Even if it takes them longer, it’s better that way.”